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35+ The Best Landing Page WordPress Themes 2014

Landing page has been a very trustworthy and essential tool of many marketers. To most of marketers, Landing page is one of the most trustworthy and essential tool facilitating them effectively in their work.

Basically, it is a one page website were visitors are directed to after clicking an email link, an online advertisement, or a blog post. The essential elements of a good landing page are the compelling information about the product, clear call to action and attractive design.

The importance of landing pages in marketing strategies has led to many designers and developers trying to release their own-built landing pages to help businesses have a wide selection of marketing landing pages to promote their portfolio and products.

Thus, we make this collection of 30+ Best WordPress Landing Page Themes to help you save your time and have a narrowed selection of worthy options.

Health Point – Responsive WordPress Landing Page ($25)

Health Point – Responsive WordPress Landing Page

Infuse – Responsive Mobile App Landing Website

JustLanded – WordPress Landing Page

WordPress Landing Page Theme

Netix – Responsive WordPress Landing Page

Nostalgia – Responsive WordPress Landing Page

Permatex – Leads Generating WordPress Landing Page

Petrichor – Responsive WordPress Landing Page

Rocketick – Responsive Event Landing Page

Venera – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Apley – A mobile application landing page

Attraction – Responsive WordPress Landing Page

Caelus – App Landing & Coming Soon WP Theme

Convertible WordPress Theme

Ensconce – Responsive WordPress Video Landing Page

Kodax - Full Screen Landing Page

Petrichor - Responsive WordPress Landing Page

Dragness - Premium WordPress Landing Page

Appos ($25)


Dilemma – WordPress Multi-Purpose Landing Page

Skyray – Business Presentation Retina Theme

MISC – Multi-Purpose One-Page Responsive WP Theme

Creatiz WP theme

Koorsi – All In One: Ecommerce + Portfolio + Blog

Premi – Premium Business WordPress Landing Page

AppLand – Parallax App Landing WordPress Theme

Exhibition WP – Photography/Art Landing page

LandingSpace WP – Place for Successful Start

Esatto – Responsive OnePage Multi-Purpose Theme

Exhibition WP – Photography/Art Landing page

Hybrid Responsive Retina One-Page WordPress Theme

eBookie – One Page WordPress Theme with Blog

Apartment Istria – Responsive Landing Page

Wrapix App Showcase Landing Page