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95 Fresh And Creative Free Fonts

When you create a design project, typography is one of the first things that you take into consideration. Regardless of the project, fonts will always have a pivotal role in design. A carefully selected typeface has the power to completely change the message and feeling you are to convey.

If you really want your designs to stand out, there are lots of creative and quirky fonts which are available for free. Surfing the web you will definitely stumble upon massive directories that include thousands of fonts.

So, today we’ve put together 95 creative free fonts for you to help get those creative juices flowing.

28 Fresh Free Fonts for Designers
45 Best New Modern Free Fonts for Designers

1- Nougatine

Nougatine font

2- Amputa Bangiz Standard

Amputa Bangiz Standard font

3- Pincoya Black

Pincoya Black font

4- Archive

Archive font

5- Museo Slab 500

Museo Slab 500 font

6- Brush Hand New

Brush Hand New font

7- Dense

Dense Font

8- Henny Penny

Henny Penny font

9- Higher

Higher font

10- Fenix

Fenix font

11- Woodshop

Woodshop font

12- Vincent

Vincent font

13- Parisish

Parisish font

14- Baron

Baron font

15- True Love

True Love font

16- Flex Display

Flex Display font

17- Calendas Plus

Calendas Plus font

18- Kilogram

Kilogram font

19- Construthinvism

Construthinvism font

20- Tracks

Tracks font

21- Klinic

Klinic font

22- Albert

Albert font

23- Lovelo

Lovelo font

24- Fairview

Fairview font

25- Distractor

Distractor font

26- Lobster

Lobster font

27- Bevan

Bevan font

28- VersionType

VersionType font

29- Langdon

Langdon font

30- Bohema

Bohema font

31- Airbag

Airbag font

32- Ink In The Meat

Ink In The Meat font

33- KanKin

KanKin font

34- Nexa: light and bold

Nexa: light and bold

35- Moonshiner

Moonshiner font

36- Wasteland

Wasteland font

37- Locksmith

Locksmith font

38- RBNo2

RBNo2 font

39- Geogram

Geogram font

40- Manteka

Manteka font

41- Silverfake

Silverfake font

42- Mood Type

Mood Type font

43- Homestead

Homestead font

44- CODE Pro

CODE Pro font

45- Adamas Regular

Adamas Regular font

46- Makhina

Makhina font

47- Rex

Rex font

48- Nevis

Nevis font


PLSTK font

50- Chunkfive

Chunkfive font

51- Cassannet

Cassannet font

52- Sketchtik Light

Sketchtik Light font

53- Metropolis

Metropolis font

54- SciFly Sans

SciFly Sans font

55- High Tide

High Tide font

56- Sketchetica

Sketchetica font

57- Enigmatic

Enigmatic font

58- Pecita

Pecita font

59- Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle font

60- Villa Didot

Villa Didot font

61- SorbetLTD

SorbetLTD font

62- Johanna

Johanna font

63- Multicolore

Multicolore font

64- Desyrel

Desyrel font

65- Qarmic Sans

Qarmic Sans font

66- Clutchee

Clutchee font

67- Oswald

Oswald font

68- Sofia

Sofia font

69- Ridge

Ridge font

70- VAL Font

VAL Font

71- Rhyder

Rhyder font

72- AI Kelso

AI Kelso font

73- Free Vector Font

Free Vector Font

74- Glitch

Glitch font

75- London

London font

76- Gayatri Sans Serif

Gayatri Sans Serif font

77- Newgeo

Newgeo font

78- Istanbul

Istanbul font

79- Inky

Inky font

80- Quirky Nots

Quirky Nots font

81- Hanoi Typeface

Hanoi Typeface font

82- Brandon Text Medium

Brandon Text Medium font

83- Moonshiner

Moonshiner font

84- Haymaker

Haymaker font

85- Facunda

Facunda font

86- Vincent

Vincent font

87- Citizen Slab Regular

Citizen Slab Regular font

88- Mod Font

Mod Font

89- Bubble Body

Bubble Body font

90- Quick Sand

Quick Sand font

91- Pasion

Pasion font

92- Giant Head

Giant Head font

93- Cow.Cow

Cow.Cow font

94- Sundy Morning Gardge

Sundy Morning Gardge font

95- Go Boom

Go Boom font