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35+ Best Free Gothic & Horror Fonts

Typography is an ancient art and technique. Typography plays an important role and is an integral part of any design. Whether you are web designer or graphic designer you have to be very careful in font selection process. Different fonts portray different messages.

A font has the power to give the required look and feel to any design and make it look more attention-grabbing and interesting.

If you have recently receive assignment or job to create design for something gothic, we have showcase some of the best and interesting 35+ Amazing Free High Quality Gothic & Horror Fonts for your design project  to make it little spooky.

These fonts are widely used in horror movie posters, website design, science fiction themed designs, brochure design, novels and books illustrations etc.
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1- Cold Night for Alligators

Cold Night for Alligators font

2- Feast of Flesh BB

Feast of Flesh BB font

3- Nightmare

Nightmare font

4- Brutal Tooth

Brutal Tooth font

5- Creepsville

Creepsville font

6- Friday 13

Friday 13 font

7- Survival Horror

Survival Horror font

8- Blood Crow

Blood Crow font

9- Mars Attacks

Mars Attacks font

10- Holitter Spike

Holitter Spike font

11- DBE-Beryllium

DBE-Beryllium font

12- Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse font

13- Solstice Of Suffering

Solstice Of Suffering font

14- Zombified

Zombified font

15- Kreepshow Frigid

Kreepshow Frigid font

16- HoMicIDE EFfeCt

HoMicIDE EFfeCt font

17- Bloodsuckers

Bloodsuckers font

18- Plasma Drip Font

Plasma Drip Font

19- Were Wolf Font

Were Wolf Font

20- You Murderer Font

You Murderer Font

21- Spookymagic

Spookymagic font

22- Resident Evil

Resident Evil font

23- Wild Wood

Wild Wood font

24- Splywaj

Splywaj font

25- Bosque Encantado

Bosque Encantado font

26- 4 Dogs 

4 Dogs font

27- Vtks espinhuda

Vtks espinhuda font

28- Psychotic

Psychotic font

29- Knife Fight

Knife Fight font

30- Black Widow

Black Widow font

31- Groovy Ghosties Font

Groovy Ghosties Font

32- Beware of the Hogs Font

Beware of the Hogs Font

33- Goodnight Freak Font

Goodnight Freak Font

34- Spiders Font

Spiders Font

35- Sewn Tight

Sewn Tight font

36- Bates Shower

Bates Shower font

37- October Crow

October Crow font