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28 Free Chalkboard Fonts for Your Designs

All of us remember our school days with nostalgia. Everything was fascinating about the classroom, from the desk and bench to our teachers but more than all these, what grabbed our attention was the black board where each teacher left his hand writing imprint.

Since chalkboard writing has been a large part of every adult childhood, it is still a powerful visualization tool. The chalkboard font typography is similar to what we saw on the blackboards of our school.

If you want to create a chalk effect for chalkboard related graphics then a chalk font is most suitable to use. It is also perfect for school-themed artworks. This kind of fonts are useful for making back to school designs and anything with elements of leaning, teaching and training.

In this post, we have showcased 26 free chalkboard font, which you can use in your work.
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1- pencilPete

pencilPete font

2- VTKS Animal 2

VTKS Animal 2 font

3- DK Crayon Crumble

DK Crayon Crumble

4- KG Ten Thousand Reasons

KG Ten Thousand Reasons font

5- Eraser

Eraser font

6- Drawing Guides

Drawing Guides font

7- Rayando

Rayando font

8- Old Bookshop

Old Bookshop font

9- Chalk hand lettering shaded font

Chalk hand lettering shaded font

10- Colored Crayons

Colored Crayons font

11- Angry Chalk

Angry Chalk font

12- Square Chalk

Square Chalk font

13- Squeaky Chalk Sound

Squeaky Chalk Sound font

14- Rudiment font

Rudiment font

15- Smudgie Crayon

Smudgie Crayon font

16- CF Marie Eve font

CF Marie Eve font

17- Crimes Times Six

Crimes Times Six font

18- Varsity Playbook

Varsity Playbook font

19- Chalkboard by Marta van Eck

Chalkboard by Marta van Eck font

20- Blockography

Blockography font

21- blzee Font

blzee Font

22- Tafelschrift Font

Tafelschrift Font

23- VTC All Skratched Up One Font

VTC All Skratched Up One Font

24- Chalk Line Outline font

Chalk Line Outline font

25- ArmyChalk font

ArmyChalk font

26- PW Chalk

PW Chalk font