18 Best Free Stickers PSD Templates

stickers are very popular in web design. We can see them every now and then, especially on e-commercial websites. Stickers are used by the web designers for labeling different elements of the website so that it draws the attention of the viewers.

Here you will find stickers of various designs, shapes and colors. They can use these stickers in different web pages conveniently to design attractive website.

Here are the 18 Free PSD Stickers, Make the best use of these forty templates to get alluring effects on screen.

18 Free Price / Sale Tag PSD Templates

1. Free Stickers Mockup PSD

Free Stickers Mockup PSD

2. Ecommerce Sticker Pack

Ecommerce Sticker Pack

3. 9 Sleek Stickers PSD

9 Sleek Stickers PSD

4. 6 Fancy Stickers 

6 Fancy Stickers
5. 36 Sticker PSD Templates

36 Sticker PSD Templates

6. Category Stickers PSD

Category Stickers PSD

7. 9 Sticker PSD Templates

9 Sticker PSD Templates

8. 4 Curled Stickers

4 Curled Stickers

9. Shiny Peel Stickers

Shiny Peel Stickers

10. 5 PSD Stickers

5 PSD Stickers

11. Set of Stickers

Set of Stickers

12. Right and Wrong Check Marks Stickers

Right and Wrong Check Marks Stickers

13. Arrows Stickers Set 

Arrows Stickers Set

14. Star Shape Sticker

Star Shape Sticker

15. Shiny Web Sticker

Shiny Web Sticker

16. Sale Label Sticker

Sale Label Sticker

17. Valentine Heart Shaped Sticker

Valentine Heart Shaped Sticker

18. Barcode Sticker

Barcode Sticker