10 Awesome Video jQuery Plugins for Developers

For any website, the video is one of the most important things, Times have changed and nowadays, when audio and video are used on web, is used with the help of jQuery and HTML5.

A jQuery plugin is basically a new method which is used in order to extend the jQuery’s prototype object. Since most of the people want to display videos and audios on their websites and this can be done by jQuery Video Player Plugins.

We are fortunate that a lot of developers like to share their work with us and offer these plugins at no charge, and some are thrown out to the development world as open-source plugins. In this article I have gathered 10 Best jQuery Video Player Plugins which help you to stream videos from your favorite websites easily.

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1- Acorn Media Player

This is a nice looking media player plugin, It is an elegant and neat looking media player jQuery video plugin that offer easy customization and theming.

Acorn Media Player

2- BigScreen

BigScreen is a simple library for using the JavaScript Full Screen API. BigScreen makes it easy to use full screen on your site or in your app.


3- BigVideo

This video jQuery plugin provides perfect big background video and images. Their demo page uses parallax scrolling on a full size background video, and is a pure delight to see.


4- FitVids

FitVids is a great jQuery plugin that has been popular among many web designers. it is a lightweight and easy-to-use plugin for fluid width video embeds.


5- jPlayer

The developers call this 'The jQuery HTML5 Audio/Video Library'. It is easily customizable using HTML and CSS and requires only 14KB.


6- Popcorn

This video embedding jQuery plugin has been developed by Mozilla. This video plugin also allows content from famous websites and other services to be easily integrated, for example, Wikipedia, Facebook, Google Maps, etc.


7- jQuery Video Gallery

A simple and lightweight video gallery used to display .swf videos in a window when selecting a thumbnail.

jQuery Video Gallery

8- Video.js

Video.js is an open source HTML5 and Flash video player. It can also be used for Flash video players and supports both platforms and video playback on desktops and mobile devices.


9- Video Lightbox

Video LightBox JS is a free wizard program that helps you easily embed video to website, web page or blog, in a few clicks without writing a single line of code.

Video Lightbox

10- jQuery Videosequence

This video plugin helps to create video and audio sequence with other media source extensions.

jQuery Videosequence