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18 Best Online Presentation Tools and Software

A great presentation can help you win pitches and influence people.  A presentation is one of the best ways to convey ideas, especially for visual learners and thinkers. This is why, marketers and communicators have focused heavily on bringing innovation and creativity in their presentations.

But the secret of how to create a presentation that engage the audience immediately requires a combination of different presentation and graphic tools.

Below, we present to you five sweet digital alternatives to PowerPoint for when you need more than just static words on a screen. we have here 18 Best Powerpoint Alternatives as fine replacements.

8 Best Online Tools to Create Infographics

1- Prezi

presentation tool creates maps of texts, images, videos, drawing and present in a  non linear pattern. It supports all the major mobile and desktop platforms and allows you to run your presentations as executable files as well.


2- Projeqt

Projeqt provides an easy way to pull material from multiple sources and insert it straight into your presentation and you can share your ideas wherever you have Internet.


3- SlideBank

SlideBank is primarily a presentation sharing platform that lets you upload thousands of presentations and publish them online.


4- SlideDog

You can now easily add live polls, ask the audience for feedback, share slides online and remote control SlideDog from your mobile phone. So rather than use Slidedog to create a presentation you use it for playback and its interactive audience features.


5- Google Slides

If you're already familiar with tools like PowerPoint, want something familiar but simple and easy to use, Google Slides is the tool for you.

Google Slides

6- Slideshare

It offers you basic presentation designing options and also lets you upload ready-made presentations.


7- Vacasmo

Vacasmo is an online video based tool you can use to create presentations for online publishing. It lets you easily place videos with subtitle and PowerPoint presentation side by side and publish in on your desktop, iPad or even iPhone.


8- Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a web-based tool that comes with all you need to design highly attractive presentations. You can start a completely new presentation or upload your existing PowerPoint presentations for further editing.

Zoho Show

9- Knovio

If you want to add a personal touch to your presentations and engage your audience directly, then Knovio is a great tool. Knovio allows you to import existing PowerPoint presentations or create entirely new ones.


10- Oomfo

Oomfo helps you to design interactive charts like Pareto, Waterfall, Funnel, Marimekko, Pyramid and etc. Omfoo can help you create almost every type of chart and graph you need to increase the effectiveness of your presentations.


11- PowToon

 PowToon is perfect for educators, students, small and large business owners, and entrepreneurs.


12- Present.me

Similar to Knovio, Present.me supercharges your presentation by adding videos side by side to your slideshows whether it is in Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, Word, Google Docs or Open Office format.


13- Scrollshow

It is ideal to present timeline presentations, animate infographics online or at a personal level, present your vacation photos.


14- Slides

Creating your slides is really an easy task. With ten default slides designs to choose from, you can do everything from upload background images, tinker around with your type and even add speaker notes.


15- Emaze

Emaze prides themselves on allowing you to easily create your own presentations so that you can “emaze” everyone. Emaze has some cool features as well which include adding sections to your presentations and even adding effects to create motion to your objects.


16- Glogster

Glogster is an innovative tool that allows users to create interactive posters which they can customize in various ways. This is a very effective tool that goes beyond the traditional boundaries to present subjects in a different way.


17- Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is completely free, and your account gives you access to over 35 million images and six presentation themes to choose from, and it’s also easy to import and edit images from your Facebook, Dropbox and more.

Haiku Deck

18- Keynote

Popular presentation tool Keynote is one beautiful app, and it almost makes creating a slideshow enjoyable. it does have a nice user interface, comes with beautiful templates and has over the years proven to be a good alternative to PowerPoint.