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12 Essential Tools to Improve Your Website's Usability

Testing the usability of your site is one of the smartest things you can do. Testing usability is an art and a science. usability is about the user experience (UX) how easy it is for people to use your site and accomplish their goals while there.

This is why designers must focus on building websites that are user-centered and make sure that a user can engage with the website and all its features successfully and conveniently. This means that testing for usability is the only reliable way to find out how well a website works. Usability testing allows you to discover many ways in which your site can be improved.

The question is how do you know you have built a usable site or not? In this article, we’ll 12 Tools that you can use to improve your website’s usability even if you’re on a low budget.

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1- UserTesting

UserTesting Probably the most well-known of the online user-testing services. UserTesting offers a more traditional approach to usability testing. Site owners can request to have the tests run by a demographically selected group of UserTesting’s own panel.


2- ClickTale

ClickTale captures the actions of your website’s visitors, including clicks, scrolling, and keystrokes. Other features offered include a scrolling heat map, form analytics, and individual link analysis.


3- CrossBrowserTesting

This tool allows you to test your website for browser compatibility.


4- Ghostrec

This tool allows you to get a look into how visitors surf your site, It’s a comprehensive tool for usability check.


5- OptimalWorkshop

OptimalWorkshop offers three tools for different aspects of usability and all of them have a free-for-life plan.


6- Optimizely

This is a tracking tool that helps you measure the actionable elements of your design including clicks, signups, and conversion. you can use its 30-day free trial to load a page and change content.


7- TryMyUI

TryMyUI also provides site owners with the ability to ask questions in writing, and they employ a skilled team of quality assurance editors to make sure that every user test provided to the site owner is of high quality.


8- Usabilla

This tool offers a visual feedback in real time of your website visitors.


9- UserEcho 

UserEcho allows you to survey customers and provide support, making it a useful way to collect data.


10- Zurb

Zurb offers a number of free tools to check aspects of usability.


11- Pingdom

This is a tool that helps you test the loading speed of your web pages. Pingdom online URL analyzer tests page load time and finds bottlenecks that you can eliminate to speed up your site.


12- BrowserShots

BrowserShots tests how your site looks in an impressive array of browsers and various versions of each browser.