28 Best Free After Effects Templates

If you intended to promote your website for a very long time, you probably used one of these promo after effects templates. After-Effects are often in the form of unique templates that can be accessed in the web for advertising and adding a distinct touch to our masterpiece. After effects is a great tool when it comes to editing videos and/or making creative animations.

Whether you are a professional motion graphic designer or a novice After Effects user, the following free After Effects templates make it exponentially faster to integrate animated type into your projects.

Check out our 28 Free After Effects Templates and have the opportunity to try and test the unique features an After-effect has into your creations.

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1- Add Cinematic Coloring To Your Videos

Add Cinematic Coloring To Your Videos

2- Minin Explainer After Effects Template

Minin Explainer After Effects Template

3- The People's Template

The People's Template

4- Free Slide

Free Slide

5- Free Lower Third Template

Free Lower Third Template

6- Christmas Snow

Christmas Snow

7- Digital Film Strip

Digital Film Strip

8- Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

9- Shattered Logo

Shattered Logo

10- Color Wall

Color Wall

11- Light Streak Logo

Light Streak Logo

12- 7 Free After Effects Templates

7 Free After Effects Templates

13- Tron Project and Walk-Through

Tron Project and Walk-Through

14- Fiber Particles

FREE PROJECT: Fiber Particles

15- Free Grunge Projects

Free Grunge Projects

16- Free Pizza

Free Pizza

17- BREAKING: Free News Templates

BREAKING: Free News Templates

18- Illuminating Particles

Illuminating Particles

19- Mega Title Pack 100 in 1

Mega Title Pack 100 in 1

20- Logo Disc

Logo Disc

21- Boxy Lower Thirds

Boxy Lower Thirds

22- Light Show After Effects Template

Light Show After Effects Template

23- Sphere logo

Sphere logo

24- Fiery Logo

Fiery Logo

25- Free After Effects Template

Free After Effects Template

26- Free After Effects Template

Free After Effects Template

27- Free Stylized Title Treatment

Free Stylized Title Treatment

28- Free AE Project: Layer Styles

Free AE Project: Layer Styles